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Welcome to my online "garage sale". It is here that I plan to offer my surplus calculators for sale. Transactions are processed using PAYPAL.

To see the details of an item, or to make a purchase, please click on the thumbnail or the description below.

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 Sharp PC-1500 (missing battery cover)1-316

 Sharp PC-1500A (missing front bezel, battery cover)1-123459

 Texas Instruments "The MBA" Business/Financial Calculator1-29

 Texas Instruments SR-10 "Slide Rule" Calculator1-35

 Texas Instruments SR-10 "Slide Rule" Calculator1-33

 Texas Instruments SR-10 "Slide Rule" Calculator1-34

 Texas Instruments SR-50A scientific calculator1-146

 Texas Instruments SR-50a Scientific Calculator1-36

 Texas Instruments TI-1250 4-function calculator1-44

 Texas Instruments TI-1250 4-function calculator1-139

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Some Important Small Print

Questions: If you have any questions or encounter any problems, please don't hesitate to e-mail me:

Who I am: Please note that this is not a business: while I hope that these pages will appear professional and inviting, this is not a profit-making venture but a private sale by Viktor T. Toth. What is offered here are duplicates, surplus calculators, and other items that I do not need for my extensive collection.

Warranty: All items here are offered "as is", unless otherwise indicated. What does "as is" mean? I am obviously experienced with calculators, and I make a good faith attempt to describe the items here accurately. However, if a hidden flaw is uncovered, or if a 25-year old calculator simply stops working five minutes after arrival, well, that can happen with vintage electronics. In other words, I cannot offer any guarantees other than the guarantee that my descriptions are correct, reasonably complete, and factually accurate.

Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice. The prices in this list I believe correctly reflect the fair market value of items in the condition in which they are presented, when sold by a reputable seller. (I certainly hope I'm considered reputable.) That being said, if you come across a price that you think is out of whack, and would like to make an offer, please don't hesitate to do so:

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